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  • CruisingPetes Ships

    I'm still new to cruising but here are the ships I have sailed so far, hopefully just the beginning    Emerald Princess 14 Days Fort Lauderdale - Caribbean BB  NCL Epic  20 Days Transatlantic - Barcelona - Port Canaveral - Caribbean TWICE ! NCL Jade 3 Days Southampton - Hambu...
  • PRIZE DRAW qualifiers

    These are our PRIZE DRAW qualifiers Min Prize £100 or $140 First 200 qualifying members 1 - CruisingPete   if I am drawn we will redraw 2 - Gina 3 - Natalie 4 - Shaun Whitaker 5 - Mary 6 - Chris 7 - Josephine 8 - Anna 9 - Bekki
  • Cruising Tips Excursions

    When visiting Hell in Grand Cayman don’t forget your passport as you can get it stamped for a small tip! I was in Hell and I got my passport stamped and when I was asked by customs where I had been I told him I had been to Hell and back and I could prove it lol
  • How was your experience with customer Services representative

    How was your experience with customer representative did they fix your problem quickly my experience has been they normally sort things out quickly but if things do go wrong they always make up for their mistakes even though sometimes you feel you are in a ring fighting it out with their gladiator
  • My first time booking tips

    My new cruisers guide to booking your Cruise. I’m still new myself to cruising just 4 so far but hopefully this will help you a little  * Number 1 Tip RESEARCH Research the cruise line that best suits you, some are more formal, some offer solo cabins, some are adult only and some are al...
  • Barcelona excursions any tips

    Hi Gang are there any tips for must do Barcelona excursions Restaurants etc I only have one full day thanks 
  • Jane her amazing world war 2 story

    Jane the amazing world war 2 story I wish I could do the story of the amazing lady I met at breakfast on my first morning of the NCL Epic Transatlantic crossing from Barcelona to Port Canaveral justice we were two ships literally passing in the night as I never saw Jane again after our incredible br...
  • NCL Epic Thanksgiving 2017

    NCL Thanksgiving Cruise November 2107 My back to back having just finished my Transatlantic from Barcelona and what a great feeling being last to leave then first to reboard It had a crazy start as on the Transatlantic I saw at least 5 DOUBLES of ME it was so strange like looking into a mirror or ...
  • NCL Epic Transatlantic 2017

    NCL Transatlantic from Barcelona to Port Canaveral Florida   My first Transatlantic and I really did not know what to expect especially after our stops in the Caribbean were cancelled due to all the hurricane damage instead just stoping at Malaga and the Azores Great start with my pre cruise...
  • My Dream Cruise

    What would be my dream cruise? ok of course i would have to say A World Cruise BUT that is totally unrealistic unless I win the lottery or i am invited I wish lol So my realistic dream cruise would be to Australia via Hawaiian a country I am unlikely to visit but have many relatives I have never me...
  • My Emerald Princess Experience

    The Emerald Princess was a large and beautiful ship it took me a few days to find my bearings although I sailed as a single I had found a great deal to upgrade to a balcony I cannot tell you how amazing my views were and I really enjoyed leaving the balcony curtains open leaving a fantastic starligh...
  • My First Cruise With Emerald Princess

    My First Cruise experiences on the Emerald Princess back to back East & West Caribbean had the craziest start and finish you could imagine  Sitting in the 1st class lounge at London Heathrow given free because of problems with Virgin Atlantic I sat there early in the morning drinking a glass o...

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